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My personal chiropractic story started at a young age because my mother was a chiropractor; she has a very strong personal chiropractic philosophy and taught me and my brother and sisters that the body can heal itself.

Lethbridge Chiropractor, Dr. Benjamin Noji

Lethbridge Chiropractor, Dr. Benjamin Noji

I participated in the martial art Judo from the age five and would always have some kind of injury after practice or from a tournament. My mother would assess the injured area and adjust the area of complaint but sometimes she would look above the region of compliant and adjust there first. I did not know at the time but she was utilizing the chiropractic philosophy of above down inside out.

As I got older I would help out at my mother’s office occasionally and observe the service she was providing to them and see them walk out of her office functioning better. I saw her interaction with patients and how she helps them not only physically but also mentally as well. It was then that I wanted to become a chiropractor and help patients as she does. My mother laid down the foundation for my chiropractic philosophy that was built upon during my time at Palmer Chiropractic College in Davenport Iowa. After close to four years studying at Palmer Chiropractic College I graduated Cum Laude in February 2014.

I learned that a vertebral subluxation is a misalignment of any spinal vertebral segment and/or its articulation that causes interference of the nervous system which can over time negatively affected every cell, tissue, organ or organ system in the human body if not corrected. I learned there are three causes (3 T’s) of subluxations: Thoughts, Traumas, and Toxins. I learned that the Thoughts are mental or emotional stresses, Traumas were mechanical stresses or forces, and Toxins were chemical stresses. I learned that the 3 T’s can be further broken down into macro and micro Thoughts, Traumas, and Toxins. I further learned that macro stresses are significant stresses placed on the body that can lead to a subluxation; ie. A motor vehicle accident leading to a cervical subluxations. I learned that micro stresses are minimal or low dose stresses that occur over a long period of time and as a result subluxations are created; ie. Poor sleeping positions for many years can lead to subluxations. We place these forces on our body every day and it would be impossible to live free of these stresses and therefore it would be impossible to live subluxation free; however it is possible to reduce the amount of each of these stresses we place on our bodies and to receive regular chiropractic care.

I also learned that the body has an inborn innate intelligence that is meant to maintain health and homeostasis in the body. This innate intelligence is what keeps the body functioning to its potential and it does this through the nervous system of our body. The nervous system controls every aspect of the body from cells to tissues to organs to organ systems. When the nervous system is not allowed to function properly through the interference created by vertebral subluxations the body develops a state that is far from homeostasis. The alteration of this homeostatic state (that the body was created with) over time can lead to the onset or snowballing of disease. The removal of the vertebral subluxation is of vital importance for health when looked at from this point of view. The chiropractic profession is the only profession that has the skills to remove these subluxations and therefore is unique.

I learned of the three aspects of chiropractic: Art, Science, and Philosophy. The art of chiropractic is that which is perfected through years of practicing a chiropractic technique; chiropractors are then like artists unique and masterful in their craft. The science of chiropractic is the education we receive through all the classes taken at Chiropractic College and continued strive for further knowledge thorough the constant learning and reading of the latest research articles being published. The philosophy of chiropractic is the sole foundation of chiropractic that helps to explain to the general public what it is that we do and how we do it.
I also learned about the above-down-inside-out philosophy of chiropractic. It states that when looking for the cause of pain or pathology that one should first look above to down in the skeletal system and also look inside to outside of the human body. This plays an important role in my chiropractic philosophy because I mainly use the NUCCA technique in my practice and so I will be first looking to the Atlas as the cause of people’s problems. NUCCA philosophy states that when the atlas is misaligned this causes neural interference on the brainstem which controls the musculature of the back. This explains why a NUCCA adjustment can have effects on the lower vertebral subluxations of the spine. The brainstem also is of vital importance to the rest of the spinal cord and therefore removing neural interference here will lead to systemic effects throughout the body.

I personal believe that the chiropractic is not only a profession but also a lifestyle; one that is integrated it into every aspect of life. For example the body needs proper nutrition, proper chiropractic care, adequate exercise, and lack of harmful toxins to function to its fullest. I believe that my chiropractic philosophy is a treasure that has been passed down to me by my mother and that it must be protected close to my heart so that I never forget what it is the I will be doing everyday as a chiropractor.

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