Coronavirus Message

The ACAC strongly recommends that Chiropractors suspend all chiropractic services except those limited to emergent care only. The recommendation and suspension are effective starting Monday, March 23, 2020, and will remain in place until further notice. Our office will be closed for the next two weeks, upon which we will re-evaluate and reach out to our patients through phone and social media. If an emergent care issue arises please contact our office email.

Emergent care is defined as follows:

1. Patient is in an acute condition where they would be severely physically limited from basic daily activities without chiropractic care.

2. The patient is in sub-acute condition that is left untreated would be vulnerable to an acute flare-up that could leave them severely physically limited from basic daily activities.

3. Patients who are not experiencing an acute or sub-acute condition as described above, such as someone who has a slight twinge after their run, are not considered emergent care.

Please contact our office by email if you’re in need of emergent care.